Monday, May 25, 2015

but without ray davies

those of you who came of age in the sixties will immediately recognize the pun.if younger you came across a venerable old man singing waterloo sunset during the closing ceremony of the london olympics.
pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone working with new to me materials. crepe wool presents challenges in warp and weft as well.

the crepe wool beamed relatively well with lots of patience. the fine wool had a different tension and was weaving loose, so i re-beamed( the ancients recommend 2 warp beams-but this was a no-go on this loom) and weighted the sections separately.

elections are over and life goes on.

and of life matters here. fancy a blue wooden floor?

neki desu
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  1. sounds like a challenge but a great image. i saw that indigo floor on facebook. i think i might like one indigo wall but not real crazy about the floor.

  2. ah, weaving wool. and crepe! i had a weird hankering for a bit of indigo wood in my world after seeing that article!

  3. Anonymous7:41 PM

    oh, I love the indigo dyed wood but the floor makes me feel a little sea sick.


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