Thursday, March 26, 2015

who was i kidding?

spending all day debbuging instead of fun and games? NAAH.
a ps brush resized and applied it black on white. then indexed the file to 2 colors 100% difussion.
sent it to the knitting machine et voila! thank you Alice Schlein! as a weaver i've done the homework and do not face the problems m kitters do.
i am experimenting with some optic brushed i downloaded, combining them in layers and then flattening and indexing the files. fun is going to happen, trust i only have to gather courage set up the ribber and learn the basics.that means more colors!
(excuse the light dots in the image, its a knitted piece)

neki desu
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  1. This is so satisfying! Always a dream of mine, but knitting machines hate me and we parted ways a long time ago. You have really tamed the pixels and whipped it into shape. High marks!

  2. Somebody's having too much fun, there... It's a great piece of debugging!


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