Monday, January 26, 2015

wan pisu, this is fashion because i say so viii

it was going to take me forever to find the adequate knit to make the bottom was not enough fabric for the whole pattern hence the bottom panels in a different knit. having seen what i saw the 50-50 knit i bought was not that bad after all. the option of buying on line was discarded as i needed off black, something difficult to judge on line.
so here we are, crossing one item from the to do list and not entirely displeased.the bottom  panels can be ripped and changed when a better option is found; meanwhile i can wear this number this winter-spring.
the top edges were finished with an overcast stitch instead of making and using bias binding.this is a knit fabric,a gift from a friend, and i didn't want to ruin it as i am left with some scraps after cutting the pattern. 
does it look as if i ran out of fabric? what do you think?

neki desu
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  1. I think it's fashion because it it looks like fashion - color blocking. A narrow strip at the bottom would have looked like you ran out of fabric and were trying to lengthen it. This looks very intentional and beautiful.

  2. I really like it! Don't think it looks at all odd with the two fabrics. Call it colour-blocking which is very au courant!

  3. looks like it was meant to be. would have been nice to see it on you.

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  5. Janet& Louisa please enlighten me on color blocking­čś«­čś«

  6. color blocking - a garment that has two or more different colors or patterns used - collar different from sleeves, different from body, or top half different from bottom half. I found this site that shows this year color blocking is using very bold colors,

    1. thank you janet! didn't know it had a name!!

  7. Looks like you meant it to be two-toned. If the darker strip were narrow, maybe it would look like a calculation mishap, but the way it is, it looks right.


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