Tuesday, January 06, 2015

an easy one

in an afternoon's work i got the silk skeined, scoured, mordanted and dyed.while i was skeining it the carrot tops were brewing so the dye was ready after all the prepping. 
carrot tops are  becoming my favorite dye,the range of greens is surprising.and this comes from a green-o-phobic person.i have yet to explore modifying the dye, but so far i am pleased with  just alum and however tap water comes out on  dyeing day.they are also ready available, even if i don't buy the carrots my greengrocer saves them for me.

now that the 12 shaft loom is empty here's a
proposed warp: brass green and blue; from indigo, of would be silly to waste the thrums and a perfect threading, albeit straight draw,when i can just tie on.that would limit me to crepes or double weave. but not with these yarns and sett.we shall see.
first though i have to scour, tie and dye the wool shawl.

neki desu
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  1. If my monitor is at all accurate, that looks like a very pleasing palette. A nice acid green (but not too acid) and a bold slightly warm blue. Happy dye day.

  2. Gorgeous green! It'll be wonderful with the indigo.

  3. Wonderful result from carrot tops. I will be looking out for them! Happy New Year neki. Lovely seeing on IG too. All is looking gorgeous yellow/green/indigo - xx


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