Wednesday, December 10, 2014


i was merrily knitting away some 2 color samples when the machine died-mind the spelling- away.
no smoke, noise or other sign, but i think it blew a fuse.
in fearlessness i went inside the machine to check it, but i think i need a thingie to test the fuse and see if it's working.there are instructions to change it; however  there's a bit of soldering. i am fearless, but soldering might prove to be a bit too much.

in any event there's a lot on my plate right now so repairs may have to wait. too bad.

neki desu
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  1. wonderful patterning and color here

  2. sorry about the machine but such pretty colors and design.

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Oh, poop. I'm sure you could learn to solder if you set your mind to it, but as you say, lots on the plate right now...

    Those are gorgeous colors, for sure!


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