Wednesday, November 05, 2014

you might be seeing the last one

although i still have some warp to go i am hitting the boredom threshold.  have already completed 8; my series are usually 15 and from there i choose 10. i am also dying- mind the spelling- to weave a shawl with the wool stainless i bought in kyoto. and there's also the shuttle item. want to put them into use before i get a new one  ^_^.
there's also some sewing  to be done.provided i find a suitable knit which is proving to be impossible.
at least in town.
11ºc this morning. all of a sudden it got cold. new walking routine begins.

neki desu
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  1. This picture sings to me, with all its quirkiness and imperfections. It's a history of struggle.

  2. i see 2 birds sitting on a branch....and than another look and i see an owl. i love it.


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