Wednesday, November 12, 2014

taken to the bottle

and doing cheap alcohol
and if you think moving, adding or taking out heddles is awful try removing 200 needles from the  knitting machine's needle bed. that was the option that did not include taking the machine apart and sending it to the uk for repairs.

needles were cleaned in alcohol, the inside of the bed was vacuumed and if you have ever dyed you know how much 5grams is. the lint, which had stopped being fluffy, as lint tends to be, had matted almost to felting stage added by years of lubricating oils. so gross that i am going to spare you the sight. 
it would not squeeze through the vents in the needle bed and had to be fished with an assortment of diy tools.
i think all that gunk prevented the sponge bar from acting properly in returning the needles to their  correct position hence jamming the lace carriage.

the task continued by salvaging already
used ribbons putting them in alcohol
and scraping the glue off. their lives have thus been extended and i feel virtuous. it would be easier to buy new ones, but easy is a relative concept as i'd have to change clothes
and go out to buy new ones.

here's the other ribbon being glued and pinned in place on top of the sponge. the sponge bar aka needle retainer bar helps keep needles bouncing back to place after being selected to form the stitch pattern.
 hopefully now the lace carriage will operate properly as lace carriages are notoriously finicky

neki desu
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  1. wow....what a chore but you did good....and such a great description as i don't know much about these machines.

  2. Just think how happy your machine will be, now! You've done good.

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Being faced with mechanical and technological problems always throws me into a tizzy. I usually howl for my husband to come help me and thank heavens for his patience. I admire your courage and intrepidness (intrepidity?) in tackling this stuff and hope for a most excellent outcome.


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