Monday, October 13, 2014

rejoice! rejoice!

off the loom 60 cms wide. notice the 10 ends of botany wool and the 10 ends of overtwisted wool . and the threading mistake   :(

beauty close up. the dark yarn is wool stainless,
the white is overtwisted wool.

wet finished
top:  black merino wool  shrank and felted a bit, but did not produce  significant collapse
white: overtwisted wool not very noticeable collapse.
gray: the best acting yarn
red: the structure is evident, but not much collapse. perhaps more fulling is needed.

 closeup of both the the grey and the white overtwisted yarn. the overtwisted yarn pushes the yarns together thus creating a denser fabric, but since it is a 2/2 twill it is supple.

the end. maybe because it fulled more the grey yarn created a nice bubbly texture.
to be explored.

neki desu
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  1. When things don't collapse as much as you want, try opening the sett up a bit. The formula I use says that the collapse weave sett is about 2/3 the sett of the corresponding yarn and structure for normal cloth.


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