Thursday, October 16, 2014

my friend blu-tack

if there is an essential that is blu-tack (of a thousand uses) whe i'm running short i tend to get anxious and run to the school supply store( yes, we still have them, no office depot around here) for a refill.

 i am using it  here to hack the spindle of the bobbin winder and adapt it to these silk bobbins which have small orifices.i first tape a useless needle from the knitting machine with gaffer tape and tighten it to the spindle. i have  a good supply of those,  no worries about that :(
i know i could buy a dedicated winder for those bobbins, but do i really need more stuff when i can solve it with a little tack and gaffer tape?

then put some blu-tack  on the needle shaft and push the bobbin towards it making a tight fit. i sometimes even put a bit in the
bobbin hole as it really has to sit put so that it winds correctly.
 you can also use a bamboo skewer if need be.

neki desu
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  1. Weavers are all genius at making a tool do something it wasn't originally designed to do. Good for you!


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