Monday, October 06, 2014

joys and sorrows

 glass button on blue and on kakishibu. they are slightly bluer in real life, but not quite what i had in mind. i want square buttons so this week i'm going to hit the flea market and see what i find.

while clipping threads on the front  i cut through the fabric. the mend shows so there will be a button there whether it goes or not.
this week's going to repeat the joys and sorrows pattern. we sold a flat we owned, but we'll have to pay taxes. we will be able to do the renos in the flat in madrid-finally! but there are taxes to be paid as well  (╯︵╰,)

neki desu
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  1. Don't know if the colors are accurate on my monitor, but what I am wanting to see is faux horn or ivory buttons, kind of a warm bone shade. The fabric is beautiful.

  2. Che meraviglia questo tessuto, quasi quasi mi viene voglia di tessere!

  3. Sadness--too bad you couldn't clip the taxes and keep the pretty fabric as it was.


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