Thursday, September 04, 2014

in the loop

aka biting the dust.the two machine knitting gurus are in pinterest. their boards are encyclopedic and i used to get lots of information from them. as of this week you need to have a pinterest account to see the whole board. even if your're following their links. i have no intention whatsoever of pinning anything or anyone, i just want to see their boards. therefore i'm playing pinterest's passive aggressive game; i signed up because i was forced to, but from me they'll get NADA.

neki desu
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  1. Pinterest is interesting by a huge time sink.

  2. margery, don't know what happened to your comment went poof.
    i agree, i'm limiting my time there, actually just interested in my 2 gurus and their boards.
    no intention of having a board myself

  3. Io ho fatto la stessa cosa. Ho già abbastanza da curiosare senza bloccarmi davanti a Pinterest!


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