Monday, September 08, 2014

harvesting time

this summer crop: all shades of blue and then some more that didn't get to the photo call.
still waiting to call aizome done. if it keeps warm and doesn't rain maybe i can get one more week's worth of dyeing.
it has taken many, many summers to get to the stage i am in now but, i feel that finally oh finally i am in command of the vat, not the other way around. i have even started to push it as when i scraped the bottom of last year's vat to use the solidified indigo. talk about 勿体無い    mottainai!

on the mottainai subject i am piecing together all those ai dyed samples and making a cover. the center is already pieced and the sides are slowly growing.

neki desu
Creative Commons License 


  1. Am I blue, am I blue
    Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you

  2. Congratulations! Feeling as if you're in charge means you are. Who's the ai godess now?

  3. i love this selection of ai.


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