Thursday, August 21, 2014


living in the city is great. there is access to shops,hospitals many cultural activities and other amenities. i can turn down the stove, run down to get that missing ingredient and be back in 5 minutes; that's convenience. there is also a sense of neighborhood that i like. BUT:
summer means renovations and there is always one, if we're lucky, going on.this is not japan where neighbors are visited to announce the works thanked for their patience and in good will spirit presented with small gifts. here you wake up one morning at 8 to the sound of a sledge hammer. husband -san finds it normal because people take advantage of their going away on holidays to do the works, that's the way it's been done; this kills me. sure they go away and come back to a redone place. no inconveniences for them all for the neighbors. i think inconveniences should be shared.

this week has been dramatic after we thought the other works had finished 2 weeks ago and peace had finally settled in.
there's a lot of stitching going on because work has to be relaxing, soothing frayed nerves. in the hopes that the workers start painting next week yours truly is stitching away. the one above is still in progress. printed, painted and distressed lutradur, still dealing with the pink OD.

neki desu
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  1. Ugh! Do not speak to me of building and renovations. We just lived through a year of a new house across the street, a new lane house (mini one over a garage) across the street the other way and now the neighbours kitty-corner across the alley are leaving. Their house will be torn down and another big monster built. Oh boy. Another 6 months to a year of hammering and sawing. The real estate in our city is so expensive that it's worth it for people to knock down and rebuild. Such a waste! If we were to sell our little house would be gone in an instant too.


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