Tuesday, July 08, 2014

goodies and baddies

the frugal dyer again. had some leftover madder liquor that i couldn't bring myself to throw it away.
also had this light blah, i mean, blue silk scarf  and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it some character.
delving deep into geekery i took my phone and  my beloved origami shibori book and got a page translated. not on one shot, mind you, but in parts.

before my trip  husband-san coached me into   taking a photo and then using google translate. the app would scan , convert the image to text and proceed with the translation. if it worked with road signs why not book pages? et voila! it comes out in more of an obscure dialect, not real english, but a lot better than nothing. especially if you know the subject so that you can cut and paste in your head.

during my visit to tanaka nao i found the plastic rings used  with rubber bands for tying cloth. i am aware that other options could do , but i was there and so were the rings. in short they came home with me.

the scarf still needs more character, however the weather is not conductive to aizome. not complaining, saving weeks of hot inferno because it's nice and cool.

and now the baddies. 
yesterday i woke up to the blog's dashboard  reading list spammed with hd movie download offers. many. was going crazy because on the list are blogs that i follow and for sure i'm not following this jerk.contacted blogger, but it's easier getting a response from the pope. today the light bulb went on; i  right clicked on the page went to inspect element,that nice chrome feature and there they were an assortment of scripts. lovely! anyone can add a script to your page.
don't have to elaborate on what i did. perhaps the recent comments glitch was due to that. who knows. 

neki desu
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