Monday, July 14, 2014

a to dye weekend

i have a new favorite dye;  Cortinarius  semisanguineus  mushrooms. 
the silk on the left was dyed with them. the color although yellow is less yellow than the photo and has a red pink tinge. the silk on the right was a madder blah orange and i overdyed it with cochineal. the color is a very nice red  redder than the photo.but in the various processes the silk lost its luster :( temperature control is not my thing, actually control is not my thing. makes me so very curious all those people who are control freaks!

still have more mushroom stock and will be dyeing some wool today. hoping to get the reds now.
the indigo stock solution for the new vat has reduced beautifully - took 2 days mind you. i am using the 1-2-3- ratio for a reduction vat. it worked very well last year,let us hope it wasn't beginner's luck.

in the geekery dept: i'm taking photos of some pages of a japanese dyeing book,  opening in photoshop, saving as pdf then opening in word and translating them there. oh rapture! oh bliss! even if it's cherokee english the instructions are understandable. life is good.

neki desu
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  1. Gorgeous colors! I have always loved cochineal over madder, such a nice red.

  2. Very nice:)
    The mushrooms were Cortinarius semisanguineus, and caps of that mushroom, the different species than in your link. I hope I didn't label it wrongly. I usually get that orange in the afterbath and the first bath should give more red.. it may be the difference in the water or something..
    I probably have written this many times, but I love your photos.

  3. Love the colours! Ages since I last dyed with natural dyes. Oh well, only so much you can do in a day. ;-)

  4. i am so curious about your japanese dye book project. so, is it worth the trouble? are you getting good info?

  5. Una ne fai e cento ne pensi, favolosa la tua seta!


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