Monday, July 28, 2014

a heads up

a store bought silk scarf from thailand. bought it for the color because i wanted to add ai to it.
while ironing it on wool setting to create the itajime folds some of the warp disappeared. this oddity , because wool  setting is adequate for silk with my iron, set  the sherlock in me on observation and this is what i found:

the warp was an almost invisible nylon  thread.
cheaper than silk of course.

two thicker thread ran parallel to each edge not really  catching the warp, but the real objective was

to create a false twisted fringe.
the bottom line: beware of those inexpensive silk foulards from thailand. not only are they probably produced in sweatshops, but also they are- how should i put it?
examine each piece closely and then proceed.
i was gifted another and upon putting it in hot water to dye it it developed oil like spots in many places. close examination determined it was paraffin, probably used to join nylon warp threads. SIGH.

neki desu
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  1. weaving them yourself will make sure what materials go in ;-)

  2. sent to quickly...
    a real shame about your bought/gifted scarves

  3. the quality of things has gone downhill all over the world.....unfortunately. the quality of our food is what concerns me.

  4. Ouch! If you can't even iron out the wrinkles what good is it? Pfth...

  5. Indian saris are made the same way. Even the pricey ones. Nylon warps


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