Monday, June 16, 2014

woe is me

or in current parlance bummed out.

at least the weaving is going well albeit slow. number 3 is weaving along.
was all ready for the knitting machine hack, drivers downloaded, cable and connector, husband-san by my side holding my hand and providing unwanted extra information; the works.
turns out that the cable drivers might conflict with the loom usb converter. the solution would be to uninstall and stay loomless something that at least in this life it's not going to happen. 
and to add insult to injury the program runs in win 7 and 8,but the laptop running the loom is xp service pack run no program. it means that either i get a dedicated laptop for the knitting machine or forget my idea of knitting images. in a household of 2 there are 2 desktops a netbook a laptop and 2 tablets. it is obscene. and i need to get another computer.SIGH  >:{ 
will start with craiglist for second hands and move from there.
moving on.
slowly migrating my photos from flickr to ipernity now that i have paid space. have not uploaded anything to flickr for a year and will remove all albums not linked to my blogs. there is such a free for all over there .
you can visit this, this and this  for some of the photos i took in japan. will upload some vids too during the week.

neki desu
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  1. You think you have too many computers? Mike counted 11 here, not including the tablets or smartphones. Go ahead, buy another!

  2. We have 2 desktops, a netbook and a laptop, plus iTouch and iPhone. Half of those (minus the Apple products) run XP. I hate it when they require you to upgrade or else something you want won't work. Boo. Best o'luck with your knitting machine trouble. The weaving looks gorgeous though!

  3. That piece of weaving is beautiful.

  4. I hear your woe! The chance that one randomly chosen piece of tech is able to talk to another randomly chosen piece of tech is vanishingly small. It's no wonder we end up with so much clutter.


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