Tuesday, June 03, 2014

while in matsusaka

matusaka  was a delightful discovery for me. not only is it famous for its excellent beef . although  hardly known to foreigners matsusaka beef  rivals  kobe's in tasty delectability .
it was also  the town where ozu  grew up and you can visit a museum which stands on the spot where his house was.

 during the edo period it was also an important textile center specialising in cotton weaving. and cotton and aizome always go together.
unfortunately i could not see any aizome being done but the visit to the  small matsusaka momen  museum was delightful.  the museum has a small shop that sells yardage, clothes and household items  there are  various looms  looms  and classes are offered. 

but what really interested me was their warping systems.
i was lucky to be recognized as a weaver and therefore allowed to take photos.

the warp already rolled up on the beam  which is put on top of the hanging beater. from there the loom is threaded.

back view with the lease sticks. the beam is a
misnomer because it is a flat board that will
eventually rest on the place marked on the photo above

the warping station : interesting that it is laid flat ans that it has two rows of pegs. had never seen that before. have you?

instead of leashing metal rods are attached to the apron . they also serve for saving warp after cutting a project.  i won't get wordy explaining so click on the smaller image to get a better look.

beauty shot. stripped cloth : matsusaka's textile landmark.

neki desu
Creative Commons License 


  1. Very interesting setup! Wish I could have been there with you to see it.

  2. great warping setup, it works well with very fine threads. the wire links and rods are great until they get old and bent and twisted out of shape then it is difficult and frustrating to get the rods through the links.

  3. great pictures. fill s me with longing.

  4. Thanks for the fascinating tour, Neki!


interaction appreciated!


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