Monday, June 09, 2014

debugging and developing

all tied up. now comes the debugging part.
have been  doing computer work too.

developing and studying pegplans.working on different varriations


also developing the image

 and the masters for printing using the print gocco, such great simple technology.we are still crying over its demise. but as the japanese live and work one century ahead of the rest when the products start catching up and becoming mainstream they are already moving on. think of the brother home knitting machines.

anyhow a brief summary of the process
make a photocopy of your image,  place it on the the master with the blue filter-to avoid scorching-in front of the master which is a heat sensitive mesh


place two light bulbs on the lamp housing head and  place it on the machine.


push down and the bulbs will flash producing light and heat and thus transferring the carbon of the photocopy and printing the image on the mesh

the image transferred to the mesh. it can be printed on to any medium; paper, textiles,whatever you like. the inks are oily and very tacky, but i have printed successfully using thickened dyes and textile paints.

now, don't tell me the demise of print gocco was not a tragedy.

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. Very advance technology using here!

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Yes, I miss Gocco very much. My old screens are falling apart and I can't replace them.


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