Wednesday, February 12, 2014

this is fashion because i say so -vii

have i mentioned that i have a toy loom? i couldn't get enough width, without weaving double, for the front pattern . the problem was the curved bottom so forget about placing it on fold .
i redesigned the front more a case of engeneering, by cutting two front pieces and adding the curve. the pattern originally didn't have it because the skirt rests at the hipbone, but i like to live dangerously.
 all in all it was an easy sew,it came out well and  i'm very pleased with  it. new outfit for the weekend!
now i have to get back to the silk merino skirt that is driving me nuts.

neki desu
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  1. oh, it's come out very well, like it!
    nice, new clothes for the weekend ;-)

  2. Very cute indeed, Neki! I especially like the nipped-in hem.

  3. Very impressive! Weaving your own fabric to make skirt with. wow! Now I want to see it on you!!!

  4. Nice job! What are you going to wear with it?


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