Wednesday, January 01, 2014

お正月 oshogatsu

changing the tradition, this new year has found me at the looms, so i can participate in meg's a day in the life of looms. this makes me think it is going to be a good year.

i am weaving a scarf in wool with a stripe of very fine crepe wool aka overtwisted  wool.
here's the contraption i had to devise for the overtwisted yarn because i don't have a second beam in my table loom and i also wanted to control those threads varying the tension. i had read somewhere that arai junichi wove with crepe wools in very loose tensions, so ambition blinded me-again- and decided to give it a shot.

the sample: plain weave, this crepe again , crepe wool and merino wool. the plain weave resulted in a too stiff fabric after the slight fulling. i liked what the crepe did so i went along with it.

here's the scarf being woven as window screening-quoting sandra rude. it presents some inconveniences as the crepe stripe is looser, but being so very open it weaves fast. good! because this baby is long.

remainder of the crepe warp being coaxed into behavior for a double weave sample on loom nº 2. note the second warp on the right of the image. both are remnant chains, but given the difficulty of the crepe wool i am contemplating changing and warping front to back.i have to sleep on that.

and last, but not least:
it's not a loom although it can create weaves
( we weavers know better) and it's yarns too.
practicing short rows on the k. machine.

cally booker can you hear all that sampling going on?

happy new year to ya'll and let's get go gogo!

neki desu
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  1. neki, happy new year!
    lots going on here, looking forward to seeing how you get on with it all, i too have some crepe wool that i have not yet used. challenges for 2014 ;-)

  2. Neki, I was only kidding when I said that you should deal with this warp by drinking heavily...this looks like a warp that wants you to be in firm control. Have fun!

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I hear it! Are you loving it yet???

    Happy New Year, and may it be filled with yarn to knit, weave and play.

  4. Ooh, busy busy. Love it.

  5. Happy 2014. Sampling is the best part for me, so enjoy.

  6. Happy 2014, keep on going! crepe wool is so much fun (in the weft hihi)


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