Thursday, January 30, 2014

enter fairy godmother-again

ya'll know i do believe in fairies i do i do as in the children's choir in peter pan. 
actually that was my favorite fairy tale. no prince charming riding a white stallion for me, i preferred flying and adventures.
 as a prize for my beliefs i was graced by a fairy godmother all for myself ; peruse  that label and you'll see that my first knitting machine was a gift from her, that she introduced me to mysty fuse way back in 2008 and  that my surface design has never been the same after she sent me all kinds of funky materials.

enter she again. having read  that i had acquired a ribber she  said she  had two copies,was going through a random act of kindness period  ( as if she had ever  stepped down from it!)  and sent me THE book.

when i started mk  i looked for a bibliography to help me in my learning process. on finding that this was one of the craft's seminal books i was very upset because i had bought it around 86-87.
i remember seeing  Susanna Lewis' wonderfully patterned  m knitted coats in the windows of julies artisans' gallery in new york and dreaming of the time i could knit my own. casually one day  i came across her book in a bookstore and bought it.  you see, there  had  always been a knitting machine on the back burner but i, alas gave the book  away in one of my more than frequent moves. i have very few regrets  in my life and  giving that book away was one of them.

those of you who are machine knitters understand what this means because this book not only is a bible for  double bed knitting, but it is  also out of print. the second hand ones command ludicrous prices. therefore i need to invent a word because grateful really falls short. i feel the same way i felt in japan when bowing to that overwhelming kindness i experienced did not suffice.

i have to finish the herringbone yardage and get down to study.  there is plenty to learn.
and for those of you who do not believe in fairies take a look at this. scroll down until you find her comment (゚ー゚)(。_。) 

neki desu
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  1. Very lucky you! Yes, I have been looking for a 'affordable' copy...........

  2. fairy godmother! you are one of them neki. you always share what you are doing here in details. I get inspired by your posts so, thank you - Hugs Nat


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