Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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ethnographic museum, ripoll

this cap is typical of catalan  peasantry and many hold it as a symbol of catalan identity.
so it was a surprise to see a map indicating areas where the cap was also donned.

napoli, sargedna  and corsica were logical: 
the reason might have been within
nominally linked to the spanish bourbon 
monarchy. but i was  very curious about marseille and nice.

catalan as a language is an off shoot of provençal and there's much more french provençal to their culture than they are ready to acknowledge. following this thread i suddenly  made a connection with the textile museum in lyon and the display of clothes pertaining to french revolutionaries. there were britches, flags, women's clothes. and the cap.

fast forward to a weekend of searches and  putting pieces together until it all gelled .and there it was,
why of course! the fédérés marching  into paris  to aid the revolutionaries wearing the cap and singing a a song called la marseillaise .

the story of the cap is long and interesting and during the years its symbolism has been adapted to different circumstances-think salvador dali for example,but what it still holds is the notion of freedom.
i wonder if some high handed art curator will insist on dismissing textiles as women's stuff.

neki desu
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