Wednesday, December 04, 2013

taming the beast

not quite. mid way during the second two color border there was a loud ploooofff and to my consternation, the knitting fell to the floor. don't know whether it is due to my christmas have- to- get- stuff- ready- mind set or it is actual-factual, but i find two color knitting on the new machine peskier that on the other. or maybe the punch card one has become an old friend and i know how it interacts with me.
after picking up that piece of broken dreams from the floor i changed my mind ans knitted plain old stockinette in less that what it takes to blow one's nose. so here they are being blocked into shape and will be sewn to the lap's going to be a funky one for sure. 

neki desu
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  1. The dreaded plooooff as the knitting hits the floor was a regular sound in my machine knitting days. I do not have the strength of character that machine knitting requires. I applaud your tenacity. I know you will eventually emerge victorious.


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