Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ingenuity is


when you are at the limit within your studio space and cannot fit anything else. every tool needs to perform 2 or maybe 3 functions besides  its proprietary one.
the knitting machine garter bar serves as a warping paddle because with some tape the slot- hole principle holds true. the old wonky warping frame that romantic me has kept as it was built by husband-san before he bailed out from being a handy man , works with some eye screws and a reed as a tension unit. the nice warping board  also serves to keep skeins from untangling.
now i have to go to the other side and see how i am going to fit the other knitting machine, if it ever gets here.
2 days ago i met  thelma smith from planet textile threads who was in barcelona and got talking about how dense she felt the city. we are close to 1.5 million souls plus dogs, baby prams and shopping caddies in 90sq. kilometers, just comparable to the density of calcutta. 
my studio is worse than that.

neki desu
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  1. Hah! You haven't seen mine as it was before the Open Studio clearout and soon will be again, because we're expecting guests - which means the stuff I was "storing temporarily" in the guest room will have to move back into the studio.

  2. i've deleted most everything. i use two chairs to warp on now. i couldn't stand it any more, even gave a way two looms.


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