Monday, October 07, 2013

quietly stitching

first of all thanks to all who have stopped by the exhibit and those who have left comments.

in my quest to reduce the number of ufos i have been quietly stitching and assembling the different surfaces i have around the studio.
these ones for example: shibori on silk, walnut dyed  plus machine stitch net on solvy embellished with puff paint during my puff paint period. 

i found out that by layering paints, especially metallics,
it took away that plasticky crafty look and gave it a molten metal quality. some very interesting surfaces can be created so it's worth more experimenting .

i like way the shibori resist lines complement the net.
the black  running stitches frame the net and bring the whole piece together, don't you think?

neki desu
Creative Commons License 


  1. ok, i admit it, when i hear the term puff paint i cringe, but here, well, it's something totally else. good work.

  2. Loved the exhibition, and this piece too.The metallic makes an exciting contrast against the warm tones of the walnut dye.

  3. Un altro pezzo interessante. Si può toccare? Non è solo armonioso da vedere, mi darebbe anche piacere sentire con le dita le diverse superfici.


interaction appreciated!


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