Wednesday, September 25, 2013

when inspiration comes

it better find me working. a ufo no more.
and while at it giving the finishing touches i remembered that i had some handmade paper from when i had my paper making crush, just slightly previous to the invention of the light bulb. they were made from beaten esparto grass hankies used  by plumbers in those days to block and repair pipes. 
esparto is a jack of all trades which is, among other uses,  used to make the soles of the fashionable espadrilles that before becoming fashionable were poor people's shoes.

i was very pleased with the papers i got especially being a dilettante as i was and kept them for a future use. having spent a lot of time lately in making utilitarian stuff the time was ripe for a flight of fancy.

fast forward to smart phone age .the papers already treated with paint, foiled with gold leaf that i had since the time telegraph was invented and already being stitched with black silk

in need of a background for cohesion or, to use the latest  artspeak buzzword,
 to aid in the narrative ಠ-ಠ .
white 30gr lutradur stained with paynes grey 
some red smudgings and twin needle tucks.
how's that for a narrative?

the finished piece. have you tried taking photos of gold? difficult seems an understatement.

details. i used a little of blandina's gifted threads. i thought about keeping them for  god knows what in the future, but i don't think i'm immortal. better give them use now than asking to be buried with them, don't you think?
chi trova un amico trova un tesoro  ;-)

neki desu
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  1. Replies
    1. thanks Debbie.these were fun to make.

  2. Beautiful!
    As always your work.

    1. thank you Leena very kind of you.

  3. What a gorgeous assemblage! Looks like a boat to me. You are sailing into interesting territory.

  4. I just love the stitching! Glad you conquered your fear of using those threads!

    1. well iadmit my hand did tremble a bit cutting them

  5. oh so much inspiration in all these images. i especially love those first two...and just love your references back in time. 'paynes gray' ... don't you love that name. i have some of that around here someplace. i think i bought it just because of the name.

  6. Beautiful work, you should be proud! And yes, use those threads rather than taking them to the grave. That way, they can be proud, too.

  7. Arrivo tardi, naturalmente tutto è stato detto di questi splendidi lavori. Sono felice che tu usi la seta!

  8. you always surprise me. very fine.


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