Monday, September 16, 2013

i'll be dancing in the street

the blocking board.i could find out the reason behind the big THUD and carry was the cotton yarn i was using as the scrap yarn beginning. cotton is not as elastic as wool and as soon as i changed to wool after a couple of passes THUD! fell to the ground. went for broke and used the merino as a luxury scrap yarn and the thud stopped.

this is the 2 color pattern. since becoming a color changer master ;) i can only think of colored mazes. this was an easy easy i started wondering if i should punch a card and add a complementary border.

so i did. 
i like the way the rounded shapes complement the angularity of the main pattern.

trust me they are the same color combination, it's the angle of the photo that changes  the colors.
they are closer to the first photo, less blue.
this week i'll be sewing the skirt and holding my breath. and then... dancing, dancing in the street, yeah!

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Oh wow this is so beautiful. So intricate and detailed. It looks like it must've taken you hours..

  2. Intriguing how the pattern shows up better when the light is directional. Very tasty fabric.

  3. Photos - we want photos of the skirt dancing in the street!


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