Monday, September 02, 2013

ambition is a skirt

my favorite skirt. a knit that i bought years and years ago in berlin-they were so advanced LOL!
if a knit is a knit and this skirt is cut and sewn i can do both knit and sew.
i could stretch my ambition-again- and try this one, but knitted in two panels.

this is going to be the knit a 2 color maze using super soft jaeggerspun  2/18 merino in black and elderberry. the pattern is from the punch card i punched last week at tension 4; hence the 4 holes in the swatch. there is a shrink allowance because fulling it a bit will make the fabric more stable and less prone to bulging at the seat.also taking that into account it's going to be knitted in  nice and sturdy slip stitch.

the weather is also going to help ,colder temps forecast for next week. although not fall temperatures i could even start planning the next warp.

neki desu
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