Monday, August 12, 2013

on good instructions ii

giving good instructions is a science, like chemistry, physics or open heart surgery.
knowledge cannot be given for granted, nor the information made scanty on the premise that people know or will find out. people do not know, they are learning so assuming previous knowledge is at least preposterous and will inevitably end in discouragement from the part of the receiver.
instructions have to be phrased as if a five year old was reading them. an example: ok now, lets do something; take out your books and  let's open  them on page 10. 
blah blah blah when the relevant information is? right! books page 10.  albeit curt, in written form it would be such. unless you're getting paid per word as were  attorneys and notaries in the old days.

the reason for the rant was my battle trying to make the color changer work. the instructions were at best misleading and generated much frustration.  it was the threading that resulted problematic and the thing wouldn't work.
thank goodness  for on line groups on ravelry such as  brunswick machine knitters ! people were very supportive and also directed me to other places there which had info.
misery loves company and i found i wasn't the only one who encountered problems. so it wasn't a reading comp issue! 
finally i could make it work and the remedy was easy: do not thread the plate yourself as per the instructions. the plate has to catch the yarns itself so that they follow their correct paths on the rollers .

some samples in all their gory glory.  not shown: the ones that dropped from the machine and ended with a loud thud on the floor.
however i am building confidence. and blinded by ambition once again, i am thinking of a two color maze in wool for a winter  skirt.
but first i want to make a vid showing how to tame the beast so that people do not have to go through all that pain.  and  get me karma points for sure.

neki desu 
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  1. Cool samples! Great for a skirt...

  2. the samples. having been a teacher, i understand 'assuming nothing when giving instructions', but that's easier said than done. people are unaware of how much they know that others do not. glad to hear you got it sorted out.

  3. I really admire your patience!


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