Tuesday, July 09, 2013

even the accessories are walking.

walking foot photo walkingfoot_zpsdbf53d17.jpg

have you noticed that walking has become a recurrent topic here?

yesterday  i bought a walking foot for my sewing machine.this foot is not news for quilters as it is quite a fixture with them, but for me it means sewing knits and therefore making knitted fabric.
it may sound like anathema to most, but for the time being decreasing to shape armholes and necks will have to wait. after all, the sweaters we buy are all cut and sew.
what gave me the courage is this post. from this blog that i found and have started following.
there's going to be a lot of knitting and sewing in the near future.
i see many possibilities, especially those loose, origami like garments so popular among the japanese!

neki desu
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  1. Can't wait to see what you create with your walking foot! Lucky me has one built into my vintage Pfaff. Rarely sew without it.

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I think that is what I need. I'm still hesitant to cut the cotton/indigo knit fabric I brought back from Japan. I even bought some commercial knit fabric to practice on and haven't done that either. Need a little push from Louisa who is sewing up a storm.

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I foresee some interesting experimentation! Can't wait for pics...


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