Monday, May 27, 2013

on hold

it is daunting to have half of the needles on hold, especially when you're not too sure of what you're doing and you keep running back to the instructions  in the book.
to put needles on hold you advance them all the way to the front and put the carriage lever on (then pray ).  if all goes well those needle will not knit while the active ones will continue knitting.
you also have to protect the yarn of the hold needles in some way or they'll fray with the constant poass of the carriage and its brushes.
but pinning a piece of cloth was not enough to prevent fraying.

i had to transfer the stitches to the garter bar and devise allow tech solution to hang it to the gate pegs-lordy,lord i am already using knitspeak!
the piece was finished without great eventualities and it is simmering in a pot with alum. then it is going to be dyed with the vintage lichen solution.

on hold also the photo department.i am presently uploading to picassa until i decide what to do with my flickr account. their improvements are awful. and their new ways are more proper of china than the land of the free.closing the forums  to squelch dissent, c'mon!
thinking about moving to ipernity. but the thought of bulk migration is daunting. and so is the manual re tagging photos for 1137 posts .

neki desu
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  1. One trick I learnt was to put removable masking tape just under the needles of the section put on hold so the forward and backward movements of the carriage does not rub against the fabric. Remove tape carefully before putting that section back in work!
    Hope that makes sense!

  2. lots of people are complaining about flickr but i, personally, like the change. i love that the images you see are big and in high definition without having to click to get there. i have a free account so maybe it's different for those who pay.

  3. Anonymous8:15 PM

    --have not ideas regarding the knitting machine but I stopped using my flickr acct.some time ago when I couldn't access it and they kept telling me someone else had that acct! I used picassa to create two slide shows - it took some time to teach myself the program but I was pleased with the results.


interaction appreciated!


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