Monday, April 29, 2013

weaving and webbed feet


hasn't stopped raining since thursday, and it's cold again :( 
the good news is that it's temperature appropriate for weaving. draft for a fun and games lampas project. i found that creating the draft in photoshop with presets was a lot more flexible than in the weaving program. plus the added benefit of having three structures in the draft.
the warp is all hemp in a 2:1 ratio, the tie warps are in a twill.the two wefts are linen and a thick softly twisted silk.  i am not weaving selvedge to selvedge, but brocading the pattern wefts.this is a simulation really because parts of the ground are going to be woven in tabby, but the threading is the actual one.



will be spending some time with the la fare girls, one tonight and the other one tomorrow ;-)

neki desu 

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