Monday, April 08, 2013

this is fashion because i say so- vi

summer dress

dressie finished. now i have to wait for the weather to come through. winter decided to come back helped with more rain. 
the dress is my very easy very vogue pattern 9677. it's sold as vintage pattern(!!) in various on line venues.i discarded the sleeves, and added a bit more flare at the bottom although it doesn't show in the photo. it's actually tent shape, not straight.

curious how my notions about sewing have changed over the years. and how my mild dyslexia manifests when  looking at the pattern directions and translating them to the fabric. didn't happen  when i was younger. or did it?
next on the cutting table- cream colored linen pants.but first this little number needs a hard pressing.

meanwhile loomworks  progress.if i really work hard i might finish this week.

neki desu
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  1. Okey dokey. It looks great there on the hanger...but I want to see it on you!

  2. Looks very cute to me, Neki! It'll be nice and breezy to wear when the weather heats up. I especially like the collar.

  3. about mild dyslexia...i think as we age we face these things better, and understand them, name them. when you're small everything is the way it just figure things out. and, perhaps, the pattern designers had a little dyslexia, too?

  4. Una delizia questo vestito. Ma le asole le fai a mano o a macchina?


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