Monday, April 15, 2013

bouncing off the walls

 punchi    cards

dashed to e-bay looking for the appropriate tools, a card puncher and blank cards.
the reason? this.!! you can punch the cards and work the  results on a knitting machine! lots of tuck -slip, most above my head, but a great reason to study in depth, my aim for the year.
similar to working graphically on a liftplan. actually, with some ingenuity and image resizing these can be used as liftplans too. alice??

weaving update: on my last 25 cms!!!
sewing update: pants already cut

neki desu
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  1. Cute little app. A quick & dirty version of what you can do in more steps in Photoshop. And yes, you could certainly use them as liftplans, with some fiddling to preserve a weave structure.
    There were actually several knitting machines in my past, with punch cards too, about 25 years ago. These machines did not love me, and my knitting was always dropping to the floor with a big metallic thud. A very bad match of technology to operator. I understand the lure of getting pixels into cloth. Pickup weaves, counted cross stitch, needlepoint, punch cards, whatever it takes. Looks like you are making great strides with the knitting machine. Knit on.


interaction appreciated!


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