Tuesday, April 02, 2013

blocking is a science

lifted stitches-diagonal

left my last set of samples wet  blocking and after a week and even though they are stockinette they do not curl back.
the above is a lifted stitch practice from the susan guagliumi book and as ever diagonals attract me.

this is card nº20  of my brother  890 . it's a lace 
pattern done with the lace carriage and before i started getting creative   changing the pattern
especially after finding this post.


 lace card nº 16 ??, could be adapted for a more contemporary look.

lace2    lace1

card 19                                                  card 18

these too could profit from an update.

on another note weaving smoothly; it's a good cloth this one :)
sewing wise i have already chosen the pattern for the striped cotton and a sleeveless blouse with a peter pan collar for this . the original plan was a skirt, but there's not enough fabric.

yesterday was  a holiday here.
on the spooky side, we still have the internet connection which means someone forgot to do their job.

neki desu
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  1. Oh oh scusa, ho letto prima l'altro post, vedo ora che hai già trovato il modello.
    Belli questi campioni, ti farai un cache coeur da abbinare alla sleeve less blouse?


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