Thursday, March 21, 2013

this is fashion because i say so -iV

brown skt1

remember this ? after a year of much thought, pattern drafting and other stuff this is what i finally made. the skirt is mcall's skirt  pattern  8424  that i graded to my actual size and instead of waist and waistband i made it a hip skirt and added a curved facing to lessen the bulk.
can't believe i was waist 25!! 

brown skirt

being a fashionista is hard work! spent over a year
looking for tops and sweaters, choosing buttons and styling it. evidently, if i spend time handweaving the fabric  it doesn't seem logical to slap the outfit together.and it's a good excuse to indulge in some degree of controlled frivolity.
finally this winter found the ideal boots to go w. the skirt. biker boots anyone? 

neki desu
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  1. Looks great! and the boots, too.

  2. I love it! I want to see you IN it! Great boots too. 25 inches. Damn. I've got a few yards to go.

  3. --it's been a long time in the making, looks very comfortable. the boots are great.

  4. Slow clothes! Love the boots. Perfect combo.

  5. La gonna sembra fantastica, vorrei tanto vedere anche io come ti sta.
    Hai ragione, dopo tutto quel lavoro gli accessori DEVONO essere fantastici!


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