Thursday, March 07, 2013

half mark


no internet connection yesterday and so it was work, work, work. arrived at a little past half mark, 500 threads.
i treadle the threading and with such mega fine yarns i have to thread from the back because i cannot see them from the is a bit clumsy to have the warp already wound in the back, but the good news is that there's less chance for picking the wrong order ergo less crossed threads!and by the same reason, it's very nice to have all threads wound and under control. having that mass of angel hair when warping from the front is stress inducing,although one gets used to it.


easing into the sewing. started with one of those long rectangular things i knitted with linen and turned into a had been dyed in the last ai vat of the summer and was resting, waiting and hoping for the color to age and develop.i'm pleased with the outcome.
now if it only would stop raining. we're on the second straight week of non stop rain!

neki desu
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  1. Wonderful knitted shrug. If I had one of those I'd never take it off.

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    the shrug looks like you could wear it everywhere and with anything, maybe you need two- or three! if you thread the reed while it is laying flat (resting on two lease sticks, placed on either side from front beam to back beam) then you have a much better view of the threads.

  3. yep, i'd love to wear this, too. well done.

  4. Gorgeous. As always!

  5. ma che bellezza! mi piacerebbe vedertelo indossare.


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