Monday, February 18, 2013



been spending time learning the ropes of a wonderful java applet. your pattern wishes can come true, provided you go through the learning curve without skipping any step in the tutorial. difficult for me because when i see numbers i get bored and switch off. but as the saying goes no pain, no gain.
 a link to the applet can be found here .
it comes with pdf instructions and a tutorial. 
another excellent find was this 50's pattern drafting book provided by the perfect nose. there's a link for downloading it after the review. 
the weaving yardage is on its last stretch, that infamous las meter which seems to stretch endlessly.

and in case you're wondering what the photo has to do with the post; nothing. but don't tell me it's not a cool photo.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Thanks for the link Neki! I've got other books here you might want to have a look at-I reckon the Mabel D Erwin one will be good for things you've loom-woven because it has a couple of patternless patterns much like the the 'Cut my Cote book'. I checked out the other site but it seems down for a re-design at the moment..

  2. yep. cool photo, indeed!

  3. E io che pensavo che avessi trovato un modo di usare la pelle di pesce!


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