Tuesday, February 26, 2013

do real weavers warp back to front?

warping- front of loom

took the plunge and am warping back to front.feel on tenter hooks because this yarn is  extremely fine.
i have only one cross on the back with the lease  sticks.realized i should have made 2 crosess .

warping back of loom

also discovered  via where to place the raddle high up .so those black knobs at the back were for the raddle!DUH!
i also found  many  tips for the magic dobby to make weaving and threading easier. 
she has also customised her loom to take an ondule reed and documented the customisation.

moving on, the strathmore online workshops are about to start, free inscription.
i took a mixed mediaworkshop with tracey bautista and enjoyed it very much.almost anything that can be done on paper can be done on fabric. right velma?

back to fiddling with yarns

neki desu
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  1. Real weavers do it both ways :-)

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I'm with Alice ---real weavers do it whichever way is easiest and gets them the results they want. I consistently warp from back to front, using only 1 cross and so far (40 years) haven't had a problem.

  3. I am showing my students to warp both ways. We started our first back to front yesterday. (Perhaps Mercury is in retrograde?) Fortunately it is for a blanket. I noticed they were nervous doing it. We are creatures of habit I suppose.

  4. Well that was double dutch to a non weaver, but I do read magazines from the back to the front so you not not alone in the back to front scheme.

  5. I learned back to front and never had any reason to do it different. Glad you found out where the raddle should go ;-)


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