Wednesday, January 23, 2013

fudge factor, knowledge transfer and less is more

a mouthful of a title indeed! but it's where i am at now.
first fudging. i was getting some bad lifts with my dobby loom thus slowing me down.
fudging around with the cords didn't help and i had to manually push the lift knife back. not very efficient.  so i tried the less is more axiom which meant loosening the cords. voila! the knife returned to the optimal position by itself, no hand helping.

now on  for knowledge transfer:
 starting with  polanyi  and his theories on tacit knowledge:

 Tacit knowledge comprises a range of conceptual and sensory information and images that can be brought to bear in an attempt to make sense of something (see Hodgkin 1991). Many bits of tacit knowledge can be brought together to help form a new model or theory...... 

 unwritten, unspoken and hidden; in other words, you know things you don't know you know or cannot articulate them.

......To hold such knowledge is an act deeply committed to the conviction that there is something there to be discovered. It is personal, in the sense of involving the personality of him who holds it, and also in the sense of being, as a rule, solitary; but there is no trace in it of self-indulgence. The discoverer is filled with a compelling sense of responsibility for the pursuit of a hidden truth, which demands his services for revealing it.

then looking into how knowledge transfer works. most examples and models deal with the economic world, but the principles are valid in other fields as well. the process is more or less described as this:

 idea creation, sharing, evaluation, dissemination, and adoption.

imagine where we'd be now if the first one who discovered fire had not transfered that knowledge?
fascinating topic!

lovely reads:
Richard Sennet: The craftsman

neki desu
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