Monday, January 21, 2013

dyeing and what iffing

4 bunches

lovely people my green grocers.dyed this organzine with 1 bunch of carrot tops i had  and gave me a blah endive yellowy greeny. went to them and asked if they had some carrot tops to give away. they produced 3 bunches! and three bunches gave this deep greeny yellow.the organzine was mordanted in 2 teaspoons alum dissolved in 5 liters of water.
i had already skeined and mordanted 2 skeins that i wanted to dye with a modifier to make 2 stripes in the future warp.but in the bliss of not having any bs occupying my mind i started whatiffing.

whatiftwo skeins wound as for shibori, but euca leaves 
on,between,under and all the possible prepositions.
looking for a mottled color  effect more than leaf 
imprints. i'm confident these will be the handsomest stripes ever :)

neki desu
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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how the yarns end up, looks exciting:) By the way, I love your photos!

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    nice- green being my favorite color and all. plus the shibori. and i just read an obit of the japanese film director oshima that said he had banned the use of the color green because he thought it was "too calming".

    1. i don't understand green so i hardly ever use it. but this one is more yellow makes me think of white wines ;)

  3. Skein in bondage! ;) Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  4. Beautiful color - I'm going to start pestering my grocery store about carrot tops. And I want to see that eucalyptus leaf bundle once the dyeing is done. Should be gorgeous! Tannins rule!

  5. Anonymous6:44 AM

    what-iffing is great fun. hope that skein un-winds without a problem

  6. Anonymous6:46 AM

    what-iffing is great fun. hope that skein un-winds withour a problem.

  7. neki, i like this and your thinking...just took some disappointing stuff out of a've reminded me to open my mind about the what if.

  8. Hi Neki, Greens are difficult to work with. The best way is to mottle them and gradient dye them, put a shiny light blue in the weave and be careful with the contrast in stripes so as not to pull to the greens visually too fast. Let the strongest colour contrasts be with a bluish green and a green and not a dark green and a light one. If it is pulled off it can be beautiful. I find guess work with greens a challenge. That thread looks wonderful. Used with pure white it would be snow-on-the-daffodil perfect.

  9. Ieri ho fatto anche io una prova con le carote, un po' di quella famosa seta.
    Si vede che siamo sulla stessa lunghezza d'onda!


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