Thursday, January 17, 2013

did i mention i got my life back?


weaving has never been so pleasurable and stress free.think all the stress i was capable of has already been spent. hallelujah.

yardage of crepe for a skirt. no designing here it's an oelsner crepe because i wanted an r&r no brainer.  silk doupioni dyed in shades of ai and kakishibu. 


weftthe weft is tram silk dyed in ai.
one of the darkest shades i've got so far.

the skirt is going to be in 4 panels with pleats still to be devised.

neki desu
Creative Commons License 


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    oh, looks wonderful, great colour. such a pleasure when the weaving has a rhythm and goes on and on.

  2. Oohhh! You're really getting a grip on that ai to be able to get that dark. Usually I reach a point where more dips just reduce the last layer applied, so the yarn doesn't get darker. Good for you! The skirt will be beautiful.

  3. I hope you'll show us the skirt. Those blues are incredible.

  4. I can just imagine how gorgeous that skirt is going to be with that wonderful fabric.

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Wonderful colours! The fabric is truly glowing.


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