Tuesday, December 18, 2012

against the grain

cherry bark shavings bark

beggars can't be choosers.i was given the cherry twigs some weeks ago so i have to process them now. in theory the best time to get twigs that give the best color is in spring, but we'll have to make do.
the plastic tub as i started twig  shaving and on theright about 30- 40 minutes later. no photofun here.
i totally forgot and used tap water which is very hard.

cuttingsi have the buddings to be and the wood in separate tubs and i'm using them as control groups with bottled water.
today i checked all and the contol groups are similar in color as the photo on the left. this is as rigorous as i am getting.
for more details ( and a cherry tart recipe) see this month's selvedge

neki desu
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  1. Hope you show us what colour(s) you finally get!

    BTW love the hair and glasses. Now I can picture you after all these years of reading your exploits. ;)


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