Tuesday, November 13, 2012

this is the way it ends


 not with a bag. look at all those little lines. i think i should have stitched less. i'm not 100% pleased, but, given that it was an upcycle project it came out o.k. and i rendered the shawl usable(??)think the soda ash reacted w. the glue and the gold foil turned weird . it will eventually fall off.


full view. and i thought i was skimpy stitching! the negative lines could have been thicker, but i like the way they integrate the stamping and give unity to a somewhat scattered silk shawl.and the ai came out nice and dark, lighter at the back but, i just can't stop fiddling with some new downloaded actions.
now, that's entertainment :)

neki desu
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  1. Molto interessante questa sovrapposizione di tecniche, capisco bene che non è finita qui?

  2. onesmallstitch5:39 PM

    layer of techniques is always a shot in the dark. the undulating ribbons of indigo are really nice. too bad after all the stitching the shibori lines are so fine but it looks great.


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