Tuesday, November 27, 2012



the raddle i have is too shallow for  my silk yarns and consequently these get caught and twisted-if lucky- and do not advance during beaming. they can also, in the worst scenario, break. its also an issue with the way the teeth were designed , they are not straight at the top. no problems with thicker yarns or wool. actually it worked very well while warping my other loom with wool yarns.
 therefore back to front to back warping.( awkward sentence or what??) taking it super slow because i don't want to hurt my cervicals again. if it takes me two weeks, so be it.
the warp is aizome and kakishibuzome  doupioni silk in various  color values.

 lately notice the photos with lens flare? playing with a ps action !

neki desu
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  1. Slow but steady wins the race.

  2. I have no idea what you're talking about - even as far as lens flare but can guess at that one - but will happily remain ignorant and wait for what I'm sure will be beautiful results.

  3. onesmallstitch9:40 PM

    I put elastic bands across the top of my raddle pegs to stop threads from "wandering" and place the warp chain over the front beam and onto the floor so the weight of it puts some tension on the individual threads, that way they are not slack enough to tangle. the lens flare makes it difficult to see the fibres/yarns clearly, maybe just my old eyes.


interaction appreciated!


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