Wednesday, October 10, 2012

one thing leads to another and then another one

weaving double weave and adding a supplemental  weft of  printed silk organza.weavers know that a discontinuous weft( or warp) is a brocade,but if you do an on line search you get different stories.
if my silk ribbons do not go from side to side and are laid in on some areas, they qualify as brocade. so i was happily coughing, sniffing and brocading away. no pressure to make  anything because i am sick, remember?
some  time  ago  i had  followed a post by Alice and created an 8 shaft brocade overlay .
now that i have the wiggle pegplan that i'm using for the double weave what if i throw the brocade  overlay on?
but wait, what if i change the threading and use a network? will that nice printed organza show better?


and what if i use a parallel threading?


and what if i  rotate the overlay90┬║ and  warp becomes weft?  a lazy way to get  weft brocade!

brock pplan
this has to be tweaked a little. the warp for the double weaves is straight draw so i'm finishing the warp with this one. then on with the other threadings. i'm taking lots of liberties because this is not for yardage.
now, what if i add some gold threads or do some stamping in gold. ...  ^_^

neki desu
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  1. onesmallstitch6:01 PM

    it's so liberating when you give yourself permission to play. the organza wove up beautifully. have fun!

  2. Hey, my brain never works that well when I have a cold! Good for you!! I'd say "get better soon" but you seem to be firing on all cylinders as it is.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Neki, I just love your designs you are very clever and very creative and so good at your work.


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