Monday, October 08, 2012

living again, but with a cold

printed organza

something cool i made over at color lovers got me back in the swing. the pattern was digitally printed on silk organza and cut into strips with my brand new mini rotary cutter. just great to be working in a manegeable size again.
from a left over double weave warp in black and white i went back to photoshop, drew some wiggles,
threw on the dw presets et voila mesdames.


i am using the organza to weave blocklike areas, but since the pattern is wiggly the blocks are not square. no big deal , just wanted to do something fun to help me ease into the fall with lots of sewing lined up. not wanting to sound pompous, but will be further exploring double weave to the end of the warp.
and oh yes, the cold as they say over here i am like a soup-or- i have a soup.
 husband san came home one day totally blasted and three days later it's in/on me.
better now than in the winter when you feel miserable .

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. These are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what your future projects are. GET WELL!

  2. Great way to use the double-weave warp! Sorry about the cold... Take care.

  3. Non ho capito, davvero l'hai stampato tu a colori scaricandolo da quel sito? Ho letto e riletto, mi pare proprio così ma è fantastico!


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