Thursday, October 18, 2012

earth, wind and pectin?


i have been experimenting with earth pigments all summer long first testing and then carrying out plan A, soon to be disclosed. Coincidentally there seems to be an on going interest in earth pigments  something that is surely the zeitgeist. a new era is dawning?? lucky stars pave my way to sourcing pigments locally and i rejoice  that for once, i can source  something locally and at very competitive prices too.  

although apparently disconnected to pigments i am also intending to make espelette pepper jelly as i  finally got  hold of the pectin. 
huge jar i should add, and with a price tag too. however, it all falls together rather nicely.what to do with all that pectin?i am testing it as a thickener for earth pigments. will post about that when i have more conclusive data. for now it seems to work.

 i have not opened the verona red bag yet, but i find it intriguing. is it bengara 弁柄 or taisha 代赭? or something else. who knows what's in a name.
neki desu
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  1. onesmallstitch7:31 PM

    thank you for both the catalog and dictionary links - both fascinating. have you used the pigments from the catalog, the range of colours is wonderful? I use Kelgin (sodium alginate)as a thickener

  2. I wish i could source local pigment, I am having a hard time getting it in bulk at all. But what I can get make beautiful encaustic paint.
    x te

  3. neki, this looks totally enticing, i can't wait to see where these colors are leading you. i got to try bengara with asao last week. very very nifty.

  4. Sei fantastica, c'è sempre qualcosa di nuovo ed interessante a cui lavori.


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