Tuesday, October 23, 2012

contagious enthusiasm

10 sha satin- granite-1

 whenever alice begins one of her weaving explorations her enthusiasm becomes contagious.
her granite explorations got me to the computer right away. i was working with some constraints, 20 shafts out  of 24 because i wanted to tie on to what i had on the loom, minus the 4 shaft border, rather than go through all the motions. i came up with this one  for starters , can be tweaked further ,but i was anxious to weave some is a 10 sha satin and a granite derived from it, although i'm still not sure if it fully qualifies for that nomenclature. my aim eventually, will be working with granites and differential shrinkage.

aspect ratio sucky aspect ratio and should be re-sleyed, taking notes on that and pinning it to the sample. no way i'm re-slaying, this is supposed to be fun! there are some glaring mistakes, but weaving and life go on.
practice makes perfect. the second tweaked version will be better.

neki desu
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